sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

well..you know.

1- feed me well, fuck me well, get me beer, gimme' weed and don't ask shit.
2- i'm somewhat skilled at random shit.
3- Tokyo doesn't want us Anymore - Ray Loriga.
4- woke up drunk, still hungover.
5- hope kharma is eating you alive. no hard feelings though ;).
6- if is in korean is ok. otherwise.. meh!,
7- unorganized, messy, dirty, forgetful, aloof.
8- roast chicken and shinramyun noodles.
9- a must.
hey hey (brothers of the head)
ciao (lush)
mi vida bajo el agua (christina rosenvinge)
c'mon billy (pj harvey)
tell me (wonder girls)
hummingbird (born ruffians)
monkey bee (damon albarn)
ladykillers (lush)
in the sink (plumtree)
dugundugun (broccoli you too)

11-what about 'em?
12- A., J., JP., that guy that i constantly ran to in the copy room and a guy i hooked up with a couple of weeks ago.
14- same as yesterday, smashing pumpkins shirt and shorts.
15- i'm Taurus, kind, gentle, stubborn and impatient.
16- yeah, you know, we would turned out into something really bad, and probably end up even worse. so...after all i'm glad you were a fucking coward.
17- oh! my language skills of course.
18- oh you know, the usual stuff.. heartbreak, academic crisis, teenage angst, alcoholism and several stuff i've endure but no need to mention.
19- errrrrr.... a bag of weed, watermelon baccardi, gochujang pepper paste, oyster sauce and good cooking chopsticks.
20- aliens! of course.
21- cities in domes with flying cars and shit.
22- i was worried about a couple of assigments, but it turned out to be just fine.
23- oh, that itchy feeling of his beard on my neck/shoulder really early in the morning.
24- my sense of humor is way beyond that.
25- my year ends in two weeks! and i'm not even worried! YIKES!
26- i'm above average smart but i'm a complete underachiever.
27- 己所不欲,勿施於人。-Confucious.
28- either Canada or Korea.
29- videogames, aliens, comicbooks, dinosaurs and dick.

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